Vacation with the Lord! 30-Day Retreat Experience! October’15

The Spiritual Exercises is a reformation of my soul. We all know when reformation takes place for anything, there comes lots of changes. Similarly, in my case too, massive obstacles came on my way in accomplishing my aim, i.e to be deeply united in Christ. During those 30-days, my blind eyes were opened and my deaf ears began to hear. I looked back and found that I was being questioned thrice.. What have I done for Christ? What am I doing for Christ? and What will I do for Christ? I couldn’t answer any of these, only my tears flowed down like a river water. Here was my best friend who above all laid down His life for me. At moment I thought, I don’t really deserve this life but the grace of the Holy Spirit consoled and convinced me to begin a new life. I just want to say thanks to the Holy Spirit!

-Samuel Murmu (Dumka Raiganj Province, 1st year Novice)


These 30 days journey with the Lord was really a life transforming one. It was so profound that if I have to compare anything with the Ignatian retreat in this world I don’t think any retreat is like this one which has filled me with so much of bliss. After going through the Exercises I am acknowledged that Christ has no body now but mine, He dwells in me and wants to work through my hands, legs eyes, etc. I feel He’s given me His Spirit of confidence, knowledge, the zeal to permeate that love of His as He has filled me with His divine love. The graces and blessings have manured the soil of my heart and now it is ready to yield the abundant fruit, fruit that will last forever.

-Atul Salve (Pune Province, 1st year Novice)


I had a lovely time with Jesus during this one month of the long retreat. It was a time of total renewal and it gave me a splendid chance to experience the God who comes in search of the sinners. Above all that I realized everything I have is His gift and He is a gift beyond worth!

-Jils PV (Gujarat Province, 1st year Novice)


Truly speaking I have no words to express my feelings! These 30 days with my Lord Jesus were the best days of my life! There were twists and turns, ups and downs, but the realization that God is with me, in everyone and in everything made me all the more conscious of His Holy and living presence. Above all I truly felt and experienced the Merciful Love of God for me a sinner, yet a LOVED SINNER!!!

-Vincent Paulraj (Bombay Province, 1st year Novice)

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Feast of Assumption of Our Lady-2015


Click to view the photos of the First Vows

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St.Ignatius Feast – 2015


Click to view the photos of the First Vows

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1st Year Novices -Entrance Day


Click to view the photos of the First Vows

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First Vows 2015


Click to view the photos of the First Vows 🙂

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Goa Holidays – 2015



Check out the photos of our Holidays at Baga….

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Community Days 2015



Please view the photos of the 3 community days that we just finished enjoying…. We head next to Goa for our vacations 🙂 Take care one and all, and pray for us as the Vows day is soon approaching 🙂

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